Jon Broadley, MBE

Business Advisor

Jon Broadley, MBE

MBA, Dip TPM, GradDip Mngt Studies

Business Advisor |Strategic Business Coach

Jon has an extensive leadership, business, defence and logistics background, and continues to assist great clients with strategic and business planning, mentoring and coaching, restructuring and other business assistance. He holds a Masters in Business Administration, a Post Graduate Diploma in Transportation Planning and Management and a Graduate Diploma in Management Studies.

Military Officer

As a Brigadier in the New Zealand Defence Force, Jon remains available to assist as required. During his 37 year career, he has held many regimental, training and staff appointments throughout his full-time, and now part-time, military career leading/representing up to 2,300 full-time and part-time, servicemen, servicewomen and NZDF civilians. He was made a member of the British Empire (MBE) in the 1996 New Year's Honours List and in 2013, he was appointed as an Honorary Aide-de-Camp (ADC) to Her Majesty The Queen, which he held until relinquishing this appointment in December 2017. In October 2019, Jon was appointed into the Honorary Patron type role of Colonel Commandant Royal New Zealand Army Logistic Regiment. In 2021 he also became Patron of the RNZASC-RNZCT-RNZALR Association.


Strategy+ Ltd supports small to medium companies with leading and managing their businesses, including providing assistance with strategic and operational planning, mentoring and coaching developing leaders and other support as required.Strategy+ Ltd works with a range of clients across a variety of sectors, providing honest advice and a commitment to help improve clients' business, and ultimately, their personal lives.


"That was truly the best facilitated strategic planning session I have ever been to!"
Michelle Sullivan - Chair Middlemore Clinical Trials Trust Board
"Both Mike and I thought our business coaching session with you was excellent, you were well prepared and understood our business well. You had clearly done a large amount of research into both our company and our competitors. We found the experience extremely worthwhile and valuable. Thank you for the professional feedback and advice.
Debbie Glasson - Director Lawn & Turf Contracting Ltd
"Thanks for following through the Visioning workshop from our initial contact to completion of the project so professionally - despite covid postponements and shifts in focus. A pleasure to work with you."
Dr Jenny Cave - Cambridge Town Hall Community Trust

For more information, contact Jon directly.


22A Grosvenor St
Cambridge, 3434
New Zealand
+64 (0)27 233 3111
[email protected]

NZASC & RNZASC Roll of Honour 1914-1965 (387 personnel)

This Roll has been compiled from names recorded in the Corps history "Salute to Service" with additional cross referencing to records held by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission, the Auckland War Memorial Cenotaph, New Zealand Defence Force Archives and various Corps, Regimental and Campaign histories from the New Zealand Official War Histories series. For WWI service the soldier's digitised personal file has been refered to. Some of these records are incomplete and often the unit that the soldier was serving in is not listed.

World War One: 1914-1918 (89 personnel)

14/94DvrAdamsJohn Mercer-27 Oct 192136New Zealand
73323DvrArthurDavidNZ Training Unit21 Nov 191828New Zealand
66688DvrBaileyGeorge L.NZ Training Unit18 Nov 191840New Zealand
5/884CplBarnettBertE. T. Coy8 Mar 191726France
5/1551ALcplBauckhamFrederickHQ NZ D. T.22 Apr 191730France
36151DvrBennettLeslie Francis22nd Reinforcements20 Apr 192328New Zealand
5/873LcplBiggsAston JamesNZ Div Train3 Nov 191826France
7/563DvrBlainAlexanderNZ Div Train7 Jul 191828New Zealand
29343DvrBlytheHenry Robert1 Fd Bakery4 Jun 192045New Zealand
5/1379ADvrBoothHarryNZ & A Div Train19 Dec 191529Egypt
36231DvrBrookCharles Arthur22nd Reinforcements16 Oct 192337New Zealand
5/36AW02BurnandCecil Stuart1 Fd Bakery1 Jul 191731England
5/751DvrBurtThomas3 Coy NZ Div Train9 Oct 191824France
5/200ACplChapmanHalNZ Div Train19 Sep 191829Australia
10441DvrClayEustace Arthur4 Coy ASC NZMR12 Oct 191834Palestine
5/327LcplClaytonHarold EdgarNZ Div Train29 Oct 191826France
5/161DvrDanielsGeorge Mervyn2 Coy NZ Div Train24 May 191840France
12/533DvrDochertyFrancis JamesRes Coy ASC28 Nov 191828New Zealand
5/120DvrDohertyHugh EdwardASC Coy NZMR4 Feb 191638Egypt
5/41WO1DurandJames Douglas Gerald HayHQ NZ Div Train26 Apr 191838France
3/395DvrEllisonGilbertSupply Coy20 Oct 191825Palestine
16160DvrForbesDanielASC att Tunneling Coy3 Dec 191729France
5/584DvrFordThomasNZ Div Bakery15 Mar 191839France
5/561DvrFraserRobert Bruce8th Reinforcements6 Aug 192130New Zealand
14/191ALCplFreitasPeter1 Fd Amb10 Oct 191831At sea. Ship RMS Leinster torpedoed Irish Sea
238654DvrGranfieldEdwin A.1 Fd Bakery21 Nov 191824New Zealand
55846DvrHackettGeorge SimpsonMT Coy2 Jan 191930Germany
5/236DvrHallArthur HenryNZ Div Train8 Jun 191632England
5/779DvrHansenHendrick1 Fd Amb28 Feb 192038New Zealand
5/469DvrHawkePercival H.NZ Training Unit14 May 191745New Zealand
14/81CplHayesChristopherNZ Div Train22 Mar 191831France
5/242BW02HayesCharles William1 Fd Bakery16 Feb 191934England
5/107ALCplHelmHerbert WalterAttch NZFA29 Jul 191735France
14/110DvrHenleyJohnAttch NZFA26 Jun 191533Gallipoli
34680DvrHoneyRobert John6 Coy NZASC25 Nov 191832France
5/1670ADvrHookerCharles Avery1 Coy Div Train20 Aug 191528Egypt
5/244CplHooperWilliam Wallace4th Reinforcement26 Sep 192239New Zealand
5/168DvrHubbardArthur4th Reinforcement11 Feb 191841New Zealand
14/39DvrHydeBernard Arthur CharlesNZ Div Train30 Nov 192334New Zealand
58315DvrJohnsenHenry J.C.NZ Training Unit29 Aug 191722New Zealand
5/422ADvrJohnstonAlfred1 Coy ASC11 Sep 191534Egypt
5/307LCplJohnstoneRobert Wilson Arthur5th Reinforcements14 Feb 191621Egypt
50967DvrKravisHarryNZ Div Train22 Oct 191830France
5/638ACaptLaceWilliam Northey4 Coy NZ Div Train30 Apr 191828England
14/144CaptLloydWilliam Thomas3 Coy NZ Div Train26 Nov 191935New Zealand
9/377SgtLoudenJohn1 Fd Amb28 May 191830France
5/194LCplLovellJamesSamoa Relief Force18 May 191541Samoa
63173DvrLoweJohn5 NZ DUS5 Nov 192135New Zealand
5-77BLCplLynchOscar AvonmoreDiv Train5 Jul 191521Egypt
5/793DvrMackRobert H.G.5 Coy Fd Amb NZMR24 Apr 192343New Zealand
5/134CplMartynWilliamNZMR21 Nov 191835New Zealand
34480DvrMcCorquindaleStuart3 Fd Amb25 Aug 191839France
5/692ADvrMcMillanAlexanderDiv Train3 Nov 191527Egypt
5/313DvrMerrickJohn Joseph5th Reinforcements20 Jun 191518At sea. On passage to Gallipoli
10/3051DvrMillarFrederick7th Reinforcements1 Dec 191836New Zealand
42163DvrMoirThomas Law1 Fd Bakery13 Jun 191929England
66787DvrMooreChristopher C.NZ Training Unit22 Nov 191839New Zealand
186028DvrMuirArchibald6th Reinforcements5 Feb 191928France
55184DvrO'BrienCharles WTrentham Camp ASC1 Nov 191737New Zealand
36230DvrO'ConnorTimothy Edward28th Reinforcements4 Nov 191844New Zealand
5-563CaptPageWilliam Charles3 Coy ASC27 May 191843England
5/190ADvrPatersonGeorge Robert1 Coy ASC8 May 191524Gallipoli
58286DvrPerryRobert WilliamASC Reinforcements8 Nov 191824New Zealand
6/3133DvrProtheroeWilliamNZ Div Train15 Jul 191738England
5/564CaptQuinnRoland Martin1 NZ Div Sup Coy2 Feb 191846New Zealand
12472DvrQuinnJohn1 Fd Bakery6 Nov 191836Ireland
5/107BDvrRealJohn MichaelDiv Train1 Sep 191521Egypt
14/119DvrRoughtonNorman KeithDiv Train12 Oct 191522Mudros
50954DvrScottJames EdwardHQ NZASC8 Oct 191841England
5/89DvrSheehanDaniel Thomas1 Coy ASC29 Nov 191940New Zealand
10/3391DvrSheppardGeorge Finnis1 Fd Amb22 Apr 191822France
5/815DvrShipleyHenry2 Fd Amb5 Apr 191827France
36179DvrSmithJamesHQ Div Train17 May 191822France
5/852DvrSowterAlfredHome Service Sect ASC17 May 191651New Zealand
27616DvrStaffordWilliam Charles S.NZ Div Train26 Jan 191821France
5/866DvrStevensWalter HalsteadFd Amb21 Apr 191940New Zealand
17/193DvrStokesGrahamNZ Vet Corps6 Dec 191533England
5/393DvrStone (aka Tempest)Frederick (aka Aidan Joseph)6th Reinforcements25 Jul 192038New Zealand
5/267DvrStowersFrederick JohnDiv Train18 Nov 191535Gallipoli
9/978DvrTuckerGeorge WNZ Training Unit17 Sep 191934New Zealand
201126DvrTurnerGeorge HarryNZ Div Train2 Jun 191621New Zealand
9/1995DvrVoganAllan Dixon Joshua9th Reinforcements29 Oct 191823France
10708CplWardHerbert EdwardHQ NZEF11 Sep 192141New Zealand
5/37ATS-SgtWarehamJames AlbertMain Body20 May 191822France
13/2097DvrWiIsonJames A.Home Service Sect ASC7 Dec 191842New Zealand
80869DvrWillcoxWilliam J.3rd Reinforcement4 Jan 192243New Zealand
12529FarWilliamsAlfred EdwardNZ Div Pack Tpt Coy3 Nov 191837England
5/376SgtWoodJesse A.6th Reinforcements11 Jun 191726Belgium
5/276DvrWoodcockEdgar4th Reinforcements20 Sep 191621France
50947DvrYorkFinlay Duncan32nd Reinforcements15 Feb 191821England

World War Two: 1939-1945 (286 personnel)

9430DvrAddersonClaude Nelson4 Fd Amb26 Apr 194126Greece
7751DvrAddersonArthur Albert4 Fd Amb27 Apr 194128Greece
8877DvrAlexanderJames Coll GordonSupply Coy27 May 194142Crete
4426DvrAllansonEdward Muir4 RMT Coy24 Apr 194135Greece
45625DvrAndrewsAlven Robert-16 Aug 194127New Zealand
36056DvrAnstissClaude James6 RMT Coy11 Jul 194224Western Desert
995SDvrArmishawArthur ErnestSupply Coy24 Apr 194123Greece
41929DvrArnoldEdwin James6 Fd Amb12 Jan 194123Western Desert
16691DvrAshtonMana4 RMT Coy5 Nov 194223Western Desert
436421PteAshwinCecil Don-27 Sep 194119New Zealand
4432DvrAustinJames Stewart4 RMT Coy24 Apr 194136Greece
36060DvrBaillieKeith Michael4 RMT Coy22 Jul 194224Western Desert
17029DvrBakerRaymond1 Ammo Coy21 Jan 194229Egypt
43549L-SgtBakerMontrose Charles4 RMT Coy23 Apr 194542Italy
42131DvrBatemanPercy Alec6 Fd Amb1 Dec 194132Libya
13470LCplBathgateNormand Shand6 RMT Coy2 Jul 194329Australia
281145SgtBattyRichard1 Comp Coy6 Apr 194322Tonga
9405CplBeatonAlfred1 NZ Pack Mule Coy30 Jul 194330at sea
255656DvrBelcherLeslie Haydn18 Tk Tptr Coy26 Jun 194322Egypt
37062DvrBellEdgar JamesPetrol Coy19 Mar 194223Syria
5585DvrBennettFrancis HenryPetrol Coy14 Apr 194130Greece
422375DvrBillingIvan ThomasSupply Coy22 Aug 194423Italy
3/34/333DvrBlackwoodWilliam Albert3 RMT Coy19 May 194219New Zealand
46441DvrBlatchAlfred Henry-1 Jun 194525Egypt
81934DvrBlissBernard Alfred18 Tk Tptr Coy1 Jan 194427Italy
6334DvrBoagJack Alexander4 RMT Coy24 Apr 194128Greece
424229DvrBoltonGeorge Major3 RMT Coy19 Oct 194144New Zealand
37690DvrBowyerRobert John4 RMT Coy26 Sep 194131Germany
41224DvrBoyceHarry GeorgeBase Sup Depot8 Jan 194440Egypt
21692DvrBradburyAlan Norrison1 Ammo Coy26 Apr 194124Greece
71806CplBreeseRaymond William1 Ammo Coy24 Oct 194529Italy
275490DvrBrewerHenry Robert29 MT Coy11 Nov 194423New Zealand
6630DvrBriggsNorman ButlerPetrol Coy27 May 194129Crete
80199DvrBroadbeltErnest SeaterPetrol Coy20 Sep 194325New Zealand
60221DvrBrownArthur Richard4 RMT Coy27 May 194133Crete
3483DvrBrownClifford Slade1 Ammo Coy17 Jul 194229Western Desert
42859DvrBrownAllan Palmer6 RMT Coy29 Dec 194223Italy
3766DvrBrowneAlfred Fredrick4 RMT Coy12 May 194426Germany
4554DvrBrowne MiDErnest Hugh Arthur4 RMT Coy30 May 194426Czechoslovakia
8574DvrBurkeJohnSupply Coy25 May 194126Crete
5421DvrBurtDonald ChapmanHQ 2NZ Div4 Jul 194226Western Desert
12587DvrBushellArthur Frank6 RMT Coy26 Nov 194131Western Desert
5017DvrCaddyAthol Bernard1 Ammo Coy15 Jul 194228Western Desert
26456DvrCameronColin1 Ammo Coy5 Dec 194122at sea
42140DvrCampbellFrancis Eric PeterSupply Coy29 Jun 194224Egypt
82114DvrCampbellRaymond-20 May 194429New Zealand
46533DvrCandishDarcy Charles101 NZ DID25 Jun 194233Western Desert
4400DvrCantIvan ErnestPetrol Coy18 Apr 194124Greece
46461DvrCarbisAlbert Victor JohnSupply Coy23 Apr 194533Italy
36846DvrCartwrightJames Alfred6 RMT Coy20 Jul 194239Western Desert
12131DvrChapmanReginald Herbert CliveRMT Coy21 May 194127Crete
34482LtChissellNorman FrederickPetrol Coy18 Apr 194124Greece
41799DvrChristisonThomas HenryPetrol Coy24 Apr 194337Tunisia
42019DvrClareJoshua WilliamPetrol Coy30 Aug 194137Egypt
7532DvrClarkeJames ManuhiriPetrol Coy28 Jun 194230Western Desert
25080DvrCliffordJohn David Benjamin1 Ammo Coy28 Nov 194138Western Desert
82290DvrColemanRoy John Eric18 Tk Tptr Coy10 Jun 194431Italy
14843DvrCollieClifton Lester-4 Dec 194127Libya
42194DvrCollinsJames Leslie Edwards1 Ammo Coy3 Sep 194324Egypt
8949DvrCookeArthur Reginald4 RMT Coy2 Jun 194124Crete
46769DvrCoombeHenry James6 RMT Coy22 Dec 194229Western Desert
44653DvrCorbyAllan6 RMT Coy16 Jan 194431Italy
40971DvrCorkJack Howard MiltonSupply Coy28 Jun 194241Western Desert
40946CplCornishThomas ArthurSupply Coy28 Jun 194237Western Desert
3744DvrCorp MMGeorge William4 RMT Coy12 May 194433Czechoslovakia
4309DvrCorryEric LorrainePetrol Coy14 May 194125Greece
8629DvrCoxGerardSupply Coy29 May 194147Crete
9252CaptCreeserWalter ReginaldSupply Coy28 May 194032South Africa
13444DvrCunninghameStuart Gordon4 RMT Coy20 Apr 194223Germany
41744DvrDasslerBasil RudolphSupply Coy8 Jul 194234Egypt
6436DvrDavisRobert GeorgePetrol Coy20 May 194126Crete
17031DvrDavisRoland JamesPetrol Coy24 Apr 194331Tunisia
7456DvrDe CliffordTrevor LedestinSupply Coy2 Jun 194128Crete
6323SgtDe LaneyRobert Hector4 RMT Coy24 Apr 194137Greece
9120DvrDelaneyWilliam JamesSupply Coy20 Jun 194237Syria
9126DvrDerrettLeslie ArthurSupply Coy29 May 194134Crete
13238DvrDevlinThomas Johnstone4 RMT Coy21 May 194127Crete
12145SgtDevonshireReginald Joseph-21 Mar 194430Italy
12701DvrDewarAlexander RobertSupply Coy21 May 194123Crete
18943DvrDickWilliam Henry W.6 RMT Coy25 Nov 194123Western Desert
9988DvrDillonDouglas WilliamSupply Coy27 Jun 194224Western Desert
286073DvrDownesIvanRMT Coy16 Sep 194232New Zealand
17143DvrDrinnanGilmour Brucc1 Ammo Coy27 Nov 194132Western Desert
9952LcplDuffyFrancis PatrickSupply Coy25 May 194124Crete
37023DvrDuleyRalph Allen1 Ammo Coy29 Jun 194224Western Desert
7533DvrDuncanRobertSupply Coy27 May 194139Crete
8980SgtDunnGordon ChristieSupply Coy1 Feb 194230Germany
3509DvrElderDouglas Haig1 Ammo Coy29 Jun 194226Egypt
8902DvrElliottWilliam Thomas-18 Dec 194035Egypt
31026DvrElliottChristopher WilliamPetrol Coy28 May 194126Greece
591925DvrEvesNoel Charles10 MT Coy15 Apr 194428Guadalcanal
9915CplEwingBruce CunninghamSupply Coy2 Jun 194127Crete
36505-ForbesEdward John Watson Dvr4 RMT Coy22 Apr 194127Greece
552925DvrFordeJohn Francis18 Tk Tptr Coy27 Jun 194332Egypt
35001DvrFosterJohn Timaru4 RMT Coy15 May 194237Syria
10516DvrFraserDouglas Simon5 Fd Amb23 Jul 194142Egypt
5994DvrFullerOscar LewisPetrol Coy2 Jun 194124Crete
117812LtGibbonsHopeful Hope4 RMT Coy2 Jun 194123Crete
12557DvrGilliesRonald HarveyPetrol Coy21 May 194136Crete
44192LtGilmore BEMAlbert Alexander4 RMT Coy2 Jun 194129Crete
3657DvrGlanvilleSelwyn4 RMT Coy2 Jun 194131Crete
6035DvrGoodissonThomas RobertPetrol Coy2 Jun 194133Crete
1-9B-476DvrGotham-PotterJames Frederick1 District Coy2 Jun 194222New Zealand
15322DvrGouldenHector StewartSupply Coy28 Jun 194232Western Desert
418700DvrGrayJames Noel4 RMT Coy28 Apr 194525Italy
37700DvrGreenCharles William6 RMT Coy20 Aug 194223Egypt
7539LCplHallidayJohn HaroldSupply Coy19 Jun 194231Syria
25174DvrHalliwellFrederick William6 RMT Coy15 Jul 194224Western Desert
12416DvrHammondColinPetrol Coy26 May 194137Crete
45941DvrHansenMartyn Alexander-28 Jul 194424Italy
288876DvrHansenRaymond Tahu1 Ammo Coy8 Aug 194423Italy
6426L-SgtHardakerClaude EarnestPetrol Coy27 Jun 194234Western Desert
36514DvrHargravesCharley4 RMT Coy8 Jul 194332Germany
45616DvrHarleyJohn FrancisSupply Coy28 Jun 194226Western Desert
489720GnrHarringtonAlan RoySupply Coy16 Feb 194027New Zealand
5993DvrHarrisonIan AllenPetrol Coy2 Jun 194127Crete
3456DvrHayLeonard Ewald1 Ammo Coy15 Jul 194225Western Desert
40876DvrHendersonThomas WilliamPetrol Coy5 Dec 194123at sea (ship torpedoed off Tobruk)
12194DvrHendersonDouglas Claude1 Ammo Coy14 Jul 194225Western Desert
110842LtHenshawDouglas JamesSupply Coy20 May 194132Crete
5970DvrHeronVivian ThomasPetrol Coy27 May 194135Crete
5818DvrHewlettWalter4 RMT Coy3 Dec 194125Western Desert
41885DvrHibberdRobert Douglas4 RMT Coy22 Jun 194326Egypt
944DvrHillCharles Thomas-29 Nov 194339Italy
41896CplHindsAllen Liege4 RMT Coy14 Mar 194430Italy
30337GnrHobbsDonald BruceSupply Coy20 Jul 194334New Zealand
2225DvrHookFrederick Norman Leslie4 RMT Coy24 Apr 194126Greece
4324SgtHopleyHenry RussellPetrol Coy21 May 194131Crete
46505DvrHowejohnsAustin James1 Ammo Coy10 May 194428Italy
4465DvrHurstAlfred Bertram4 RMT Coy25 Dec 194036Western Desert
1/9B/193CplHutchinsonCharles Alexander-3 Jul 194221New Zealand
18894DvrInglisWilliam Edward Ainsworth6 RMT Coy27 Jun 194225Western Desert
30253DvrIsherwoodEdwardPetrol Coy21 May 194125Crete
4467DvrJacksonAlfred4 RMT Coy22 Apr 194426Germany
3672CplJaspersEdward Carr4 RMT Coy15 Nov 194126Egypt
9001SgtJelleyJamesSupply Coy15 Aug 194137Greece
63285DvrJensenGeorge Henry4 RMT Coy5 Jul 194237Western Desert
43055DvrJepsenJoseph Andrew6 RMT Coy27 Mar 194332Tunisia
42060DvrKeatsMaurice Ashton-8 Jul 194427Italy
3532DvrKellyFrederick Alexander1 Ammo Coy24 Apr 194329Tunisia
4069LCplKenningJack Warwick4 RMT Coy2 Jun 194124Crete
11929DvrKenningRobert James6 RMT Coy26 Nov 194135Western Desert
12872DvrKilgourJohn Joseph HenrySupply Coy29 May 194123Crete
10576DvrKingRobert1 Ammo Coy14 Jul 194238Western Desert
46829DvrKingRaymond George4 RMT Coy3 Mar 194325Tunisia
444125DvrKingGordon-23 Jul 194321New Zealand
17173DvrKinrossJames Robert1 Ammo Coy11 Mar 194530Italy
41816DvrKirkwoodAlwyn George Parke4 RMT Coy27 Nov 194130Western Desert
63677DvrKjestrupJack Walter-6 Apr 194542New Zealand
2/34/233DvrLawsonThomas Raymond-29 Nov 194119New Zealand
9966DvrLeggJames Henry ScottSupply Coy5 May 194223Lebanon
9678DvrLidgettRonald Thomas-23 Dec 194125Egypt
252334DvrLincolnWilliam Frank16 MT Coy16 Oct 194323Vella Lavella
35120DvrLonguetLouis PhilipFortress Tps8 Jun 194225New Zealand
4471DvrLundonJoseph Bede Francis4 RMT Coy25 May 194128Crete
17132DvrLynchKelvin JosephSupply Coy28 Jun 194222Egypt
8880CplMacDonaldGeorge WhiteSupply Coy28 Jun 194230Western Desert
33100DvrMacDonald MMJames GordonSupply Coy2 Jun 194132Crete
31335DvrMacKinderWilliam ArthurPetrol Coy21 May 194145Crete
89732LtMacShaneArthur NolanPetrol Coy5 Nov 194227Egypt
617996DvrManselRichard John-17 Jun 194420New Zealand
12121DvrMartinRobert Alexander6 RMT Coy16 Jul 194225Western Desert
454000DvrMarxRay Stanley18 Tk Tptr Coy9 Mar 194422Italy
7573DvrMarychurchDennis4 Fd Amb31 Oct 194027Egypt
942DvrMathewsFrederickSupply Coy28 Jun 194235Western Desert
458598DvrMatthewsRalph Allan29 MT Coy26 Mar 194321New Caledonia
5700DvrMaudsleyRaymond4 RMT Coy2 Jun 194130Crete
62116DvrMaxfieldLawrence Edgecombe4 RMT Coy23 Nov 194130Western Desert
7132CaptMcAlpine MBE MCJames Alexander4 RMT Coy18 Apr 194131Greece
12030DvrMcCarthyWilliam Denis6 RMT Coy23 Jun 194230Palestine
218439DvrMcCombJohnPetrol Coy10 Mar 194432Italy
6067CaptMcDonagh MiDWilliam George SeanPetrol Coy20 May 194144Crete
9733DvrMcDonaldMyles NormanSupply Coy20 Apr 194132Greece
42072DvrMcFeetersCharles GordonSupply Coy31 Oct 194444Italy
8982DvrMcGillJohn James4 RMT Coy10 Aug 194135Crete
60003DvrMcGillicuddyPatrick John4 RMT Coy5 Jul 194225Western Desert
5838DvrMcIntyreThomas Malcolm4 RMT Coy17 Aug 194238at sea
42253DvrMcKayStanley Burley4 RMT Coy10 Jul 194229Western Desert
10578DvrMcKenzieMelville Allisone-22 May 194124Crete
18721DvrMcLeanAllan Findlay Robson6 RMT Coy27 Mar 194341Tunisia
9972DvrMcLeodGeorge SamuelSupply Coy28 Jun 194226Western Desert
17441DvrMcLeodThomas4 RMT Coy7 Jul 194224Western Desert
46498DvrMcLeodLeonard John5 Fd Amb27 Mar 194424Italy
38433DvrMeatonJohn Thomas1 Ammo Coy21 Jan 194426Italy
9679SgtMehlhoptJohn Henry4 Fd Amb30 Nov 194130Egypt
15488DvrMeiklejohnArthur Burnard1 Ammo Coy28 Nov 194123Western Desert
3623SgtMellsopGeoffrey James David4 RMT Coy24 Apr 194125Greece
32771DvrMerryleesJohn WilsonRMT Coy20 May 194129Crete
45321DvrMeurkDouglas Charles WalterPetrol Coy24 Apr 194326Tunisia
4477DvrMextedMilton FrancisPetrol Coy25 May 194134Crete
42100CplMilesOwen William1 Ammo Coy14 Jul 194231Western Desert
9973DvrMillerIan Francis DesmondSupply Coy30 Jul 194022England
4531DvrMilneJames Kay4 RMT Coy2 Jun 194124Crete
15071LCplMilneArthur Leslie6 RMT Coy21 Sep 194224Western Desert
41912DvrMiltonJohn PhilipFd Amb10 Mar 194535Poland
6043DvrMorganHenry WilliamPetrol Coy19 Apr 194122Greece
600746CplMorrisWalter McKenzie18 Tk Tptr Coy11 Jun 194428Italy
20415SgtMortonAndrewHQ NZ Div25 Dec 194028England
21717DvrMosenWalter Verdun-14 Apr 194124Greece
4070DvrMossAmbrose Roland4 RMT Coy5 Jul 194229Libya
11087DvrMoulinWilliam Henry5 Fd Amb26 Feb 194135South Africa
13276DvrNelsonHarry-18 Jan 194229Salonika
83009DvrNewlandGeorge Kitchener4 RMT Coy24 Apr 194530Italy
3695LCplNewtonRichard4 RMT Coy2 Jun 194133Crete
7529LCplNorrishVernon Lindsay4 RMT Coy25 Dec 194022Egypt
6637DvrNortonArthur NoelPetrol Coy2 Jun 194125Crete
32072DvrO'ConnorJohn Sylvester1 Ammo Coy14 Jul 194227Western Desert
40800DvrOrsbornNoel John Newell1 Ammo Coy27 Nov 194126Western Desert
3698DvrOsbornGeorge Richard4 RMT Coy13 Sep 194033Egypt
3699DvrOsborneIsaac Cyril4 RMT Coy31 Mar 194138Greece
6606DvrParnellGeorge FrederickPetrol Coy21 May 194125Crete
46455DvrPatersonAndrew William5 Fd Amb28 Jun 194223Egypt
4483DvrPatrickGeoffrey William4 RMT Coy24 Apr 194127Greece
1/9C/130DvrPeetWilliam Kenneth-19 Aug 194221New Zealand
63337LCplPenneyOwen Earle1 Ammo Coy28 Jun 194424Italy
41784DvrPetersRalph Baldwin4 RMT Coy6 Jul 194224Western Desert
4353DvrPickeringEarle VaughanPetrol Coy21 May 194123Crete
6056DvrPiperJohn DillonPetrol Coy20 May 194124Crete
4492CplPussell MiDOsbert Thorndon4 RMT Coy25 Dec 194023Egypt
3/34/279DvrRansbyLester HarryRMT Coy6 May 194227New Zealand
4494DvrReedNorman Rolland4 RMT Coy30 Sep 194428Italy
4497DvrReynoldsEdward William4 RMT Coy24 Dec 194034Egypt
82743DvrRobertsonJohn JoffrePetrol Coy21 Apr 194428Italy
9697DvrRobinsonHenry Lee4 RMT Coy21 May 194131Crete
6627DvrRodJohn William-20 Apr 194126Greece
47071GnrRogersAlbertField Bakery19 Mar 194427Italy
9868DvrRossCharles Edward1 Ammo Coy17 Oct 194124Egypt
24760DvrRubackAlbert Henry AugPetrol Coy20 May 194134Crete
235839DvrRussellJohn ClewsNZ PRS 2NZEF7 Nov 194337Italy
82287DvrRyceDavid McKe11ar18 Tk Tptr Coy28 Jan 194426Italy
6559DvrSandbrookKenneth JosephPetrol Coy26 May 194123Crete
1333DvrSawersDennis Campbell4 RMT Coy27 May 194125Crete
8391DvrScandrettColinSupply Coy28 Jun 194230Western Desert
82644DvrSchofieldThomas18 Tk Tptr Coy17 Oct 194429Italy
5447DvrSchultzLeslie Edgar-13 Dec 194135Egypt
62211DvrSchwammWilliam Ernest Henry-20 Nov 194329Yugoslavia
17081DvrSeamanMaurice Courtney6 RMT Coy6 Jul 194227Egypt
37685DvrShaldersAlbert Fulford4 RMT Coy12 Nov 194122Germany
45766DvrShawIan ThomasRehab Depot7 Mar 194537Italy
13652CplSheaDouglas Michael PeterSupply Coy27 Jun 194224Western Desert
627331DvrShearerReginald James-25 Jun 194521New Zealand
17468DvrSheehanJohn FrancisSupply Coy29 Jun 194232Western Desert
3723CplSmith MiDRobert Alfred4 RMT Coy16 Apr 194227Italy
1/9C/202DvrSmithsonRichard John-21 Nov 194220New Zealand
4501DvrSpeedThomas Alfred4 RMT Coy2 Jun 194136Crete
32583DvrStandenColin RaymondPetrol Coy21 May 194126Crete
6433DvrStandenIvan WalterPetrol Coy20 May 194126Crete
10147DvrStanleyCyril Wilfred5 Fd Amb2 Dec 194325Italy
12504DvrStephensWesley Pellew4 RMT Coy16 Aug 194343Egyp
17426DvrTaborJohn CollierSupply Coy14 Jul 194226Western Desert
5980DvrTalbotMichael CharlesPetrol Coy28 Aug 194027Egypt
19012DvrTalbotRichard Collis6 RMT Coy8 Nov 194130Egypt
9667DvrTaylorHenry Basil4 Fd Amb24 Oct 194023Egypt
285910DvrThompsonAndrew NormanSupply Coy27 Apr 194524Italy
5880DvrThomsonMervyn James WillisHQ NZ Div1 Dec 194133Libya
11894DvrThorntonGerald CroslandPetrol Coy2 Jun 194123Crete
38030DvrThurlowJohn Shaw Walter4 RMT Coy24 Apr 194135Greece
4387CplThwaitesHenry OglePetrol Coy25 May 194133Crete
9085DvrTimbsJames WilliamSupply Coy16 Apr 194538Germany
30225DvrTonerEric Thomas HenryPetrol Coy21 May 194124Crete
399506DvrTranterErnest Douglas-1 Jun 194219New Zealand
82602DvrTreadwellFrank Isherwood5 Fd Amb25 May 194424Italy
82261DvrTrottLawrence William4 RMT Coy30 May 194426Italy
3/34/150DvrTubmanReynold JohnRMT Coy20 Apr 194230New Zealand
44622CplTuckerAllan Joseph Keith-9 Sep 194325Egypt
8928DvrTurnbullStephen Henry Joseph4 RMT Coy18 May 194128Greece
11013CaptVeitchJohn4 RMT Coy3 Jun 194140Crete
25414DvrWaddingtonAlfred EdwardSupply Coy20 Apr 194133Greece
45132LtWallace MiDJohn Thomas4 RMT Coy24 Dec 194030Western Desert
455558DvrWalshWilliam MichaelPetrol Coy6 Nov 194321Italy
41974DvrWatsonDouglas-6 Apr 194533at sea
512903DvrWattsWilliam Arthur10 MT Coy12 May 194340New Caledonia
3601CplWeirAlexander McKenzie1 Ammo Coy3 Dec 194229Italy
13205DvrWelshJames William FerdinandSupply Coy18 Apr 194132Greece
10522DvrWilliamsGeorge John5 Fd Amb20 May 194131Crete
34107DvrWilliamsonFrederick Geoffrey4 RMT Coy25 Oct 194339Germany
471693DvrWilsonAllan DouglasHome Service Det NZASC7 Feb 194336New Zealand
5405DvrWinterWilliam EdwardHQ NZ Div20 Apr 194124Greece
12654DvrWoodWilliam1 Ammo Coy7 Mar 194223Egypt
43282DvrYoungRichard LesliePetrol Coy29 Dec 194324Italy
40271DvrZachanAlexander Arthur William6 Fd Amb30 Apr 194525Egypt

Occupation of Japan. J Force: 1946-1948 (3 personnel)

651304LCplHalePeter Bernard19 Tpt Coy4 Sep 194620Japan
4342Lt ColMcCookAlan FrederickHQ Brit Occup Force1 Jan 194728Japan
815564CplMcCoyAlexander Keith19 Tpt Coy8 Apr 194821Japan

Korean War. K Force: 1950-1957 (7 personnel)

208850DvrBurboroughJohn Ewing10 Tpt Coy4 Nov 195425Korea
817039DvrHummHerbert Leslie10 Tpt Coy21 Oct 195524Korea
208278CplMayArthur-21 Nov 195428Korea
208182CplParker (aka Williams)Frederick WilliamNZ Base HQ17 Mar 195328Korea
208875DvrRodgersDouglas Neville10 Tpt Coy27 Dec 195325Korea
208891DvrTaylorColin Franklin10 Tpt Coy17 May 195429Korea
206610DvrWhangapiritaBoyce10 Tpt Coy23 Jun 195224Korea

Malaysia: 1963-1966 (1 person)

329603SgtFryRichard Edward1RNZIR6 Jun 196532Malaysia

RNZASC & RNZCT Roll of Remembrance 1945 - 2023 (337 personnel)

Corps Service Persons who were serving at time of death or passed post their service.

The listing has been colated from a number of sources including the Army wide listing by Peter Cooke from the Defence Study Group, Facebook Entries and Ancestry.Com. It is stressed as at May 2023 there still may be some inaccuracies in the listings. Corrections to Jon Broadley [email protected] please

9055DvrAbernathyStanley RussellTpt1939-194528 Jul 1998Charlton Park Cemetery GoreYes
-MrsAhuririMarlene Hokoaka Marina (nee Paku)Civ Cat1965-200527 Nov 2023Tokoroa CemeteryYes
S50961MajAndersonWalter GilmoreOffr1952-1986--Yes
33686MajArmstrongThomas PatrickOffr1950-1970--No
--ArpsIan (Blue)-1961-1975--No
L451159-AshbyBrownie PhillipDvr/Medic1992-1997--No
36597WO2AshbyDesmond William (Des)-1952-19784 Oct 2004Harewood Cemetery ChristchurchYes
--Ata-Fort (nee Hadfield & Marurai)Sharon (Ziggy)ClkCT-26 Apr 2015-Yes
G43430-AttewelJohn ThomasClkAA1973-1990--No
M790061CplAustinCyril NormanButcher1970-197818 Dec 2020-No
F43975WO2BakerTrevor JohnIMov1969-198929 Dec 2015Ashes with familyYes
L43250SSgtBannisterDavid John-1968-19883 Jan 2014BlenheimYes
35410WO2BarberA.V. (Ali)-1952-1970--No
K55025DvrBarlowWarwick EarleDvrCT198711 Dec 1987Matakohe KaiparaYes
--BarnsfatherMalcolm James (John?)----No
Q45991-BarrettLyell VernonDvrCT1973-1981--No
P180908DvrBarrettScottCook-12 Jul 1988-No
36314CaptBealePeter Owen-1955-197423 Jun 2000Mt Albert AucklandYes
U469885MajBentMichael Frederick JohnOffr-10 Jun 2019Cremated WhangareiYes
646191WO1BentleyWilliam John (Bill)-1961-19752 Aug 2014Papakura South CemeteryYes
D55847SSgtBentsonAroha TuhiDvrALR1988-20141 Apr 2020Karangahape Matangirau UrupaYes
W37324WO2Bigg-WitherSamuel (Sam)ITpt1955-197724 Oct 2022Schnapper Rock Cemetery Auckland?No
32312WO1BlackmoreStanley Mervyn-1941-197227 Feb 1995Turangi CemeteryYes
473319ColBlazey CBE EDCecil Albert (Ces)Offr1927- 195220 Feb 1998Karori Cemetery WellingtonYes
3427Lt ColBracegirdleOwenOffr1929-19511995Timaru Cemetery CanterburyYes
36726WO1BradleyGordon David-1954-19744 Jun 2002Ruru Lawn Cemetery ChristchurchYes
--BradyGraham (Slops)-1960s-1970s10 Jun 2023?AucklandNo
40238WO1BrewerCharles John (Charlie)ITpt1968-19847 Feb 1984Christchurch ?Yes
308756MajBroadbent EDPeter WilliamOffr1965-198920 Apr 2010RSA Section Rarotanga Cook IsYes
46658DvrBroadheadStanley--31 Jan 2004-No
A43723CplBroughtonJack LeifDvr-15 Mar 1976-No
M50312DvrBrownLawrence Tamati (Buddha)DvrCT1979-19845 Jun 1984-No
C46646WO2BruceRichard AndrewICat1974-1993--No
38708SSgtBruntTheodore Weber-1959-198121 Jan 2013Papatoetoe AucklandYes
P51303-BuckthoughtBarry Glen (Buck)Cook-12 Apr 2006Waiouru CemeteryNo
J47664WO1BurnsGraeme Joseph or John?ITpt---No
282604DvrBurrowWallis Alexander-1942-19467 Jan 2013-No
K750637-BushReo MalcolmDvrCT1976-19861 Dec 2005Puha Urupa GisborneYes
33190LCplByrneJohn JosephRegDvr25 Apr 1951--
35019CaptCalvinJohn Anthony-1939-195017 Jul 2018Karori Wellington (?)Yes
46433DvrCameronStuart MacMillan-1941-194530 Jan 2001-No
620907MajCampbell QSM JPDouglas (Doug)Offr QM-24 Jul 2015Totara Memorial Park ThamesNo
36259LCplCardenWilliam George Arthur--11 Dec 1996-No
R181945DvrCarpenderMichael JohnDvrCT-11 Mar 1993-No
R759268SgtCarpenterBrian Alan-1980-199326 Apr 2003Riverside MastertonYes
Y40801WO2CarterLeonard (Len)--29 May 2019?-Yes
38869WO1Chadwick MBEEdwin Te RunaITpt1959-198725 Apr 2021Palmerson NorthYes
--ChambersDerek JohnDvrCT-21 Oct 2021Nelson?Yes
454762LtChilwellBenOffr-21 May 1977-No
G760455CplClarkAnne Kinokino TuwhakaeaDvrCT1977-19861 Jul 2020?Taurewarewa Urupa WaikatoYes
U594821WO1CockerRaymond RossITpt1961-198117 Sep 2011Awanui New PlymouthYes
K46009SSgtCoeWilliamICat1973-198630 Jun 2015Waikawa Urupa MarlboroughYes
--ColemanPatCook-6 Nov 2020?Caterton?-
30857MajColemanDouglas FrederickOffr1940-194526 May 1997Frankston Victoria AustraliaYes
3643DvrCollinsHaven John-1935-19457 Aug 2003Eastern Cemetery InvercargillYes
-MajCookGilbert Edmond (Gil)Offr1969-198424 Feb 2012Schnapper Rock Cemetery AucklandYes
328829CaptCooperTrevorOffr1952-197721 May 2014Papakura South AucklandYes
3467Lt ColColtonWalter EdwardOffr QM-25 Jun 1987Purewa Cemetery Auckland ?No
J934498DvrCraikWarren WilliamDvrCT-17 Jun 1990-No
42942DvrCrossKevin CharlesDvrASC-31 Dec 1970-No
-WO2CrouchRobert (Bob)Clk AA1950-1980?23 Sep 2011?Christchurch?No
-WO1CrowWayne McDougallICat-30 Apr 2008Pokeno Cemetery PokenoYes
3617SgtCrowley DCMBruce Joshua-1939-194612 Aug 2003Perth?No
30279BrigCrump CBE DSOStanley HerbertOffr1914-195713 Jul 1974Taita Lawn Cemetery Lower Hutt-
37566Lt ColDaviesStephen Albert PhillipOffr1957-198129 Jul 2014MastertonYes
12163-DawsonNorman AugustDvrCT-9 Jan 1998Birkenhead Cemetery AucklandYes
211973SgtDeLaceyDarrel E.-1962-197316 Jun 2000Pukerua Bay WellingtonYes
36409DvrDewarKeithDvrASC-2 Jun 1958-No
E748838-DiamondDaniel John Herbert (Danny)DvrCT1985-19913 Jan 1991-No
30092Lt ColDillonWilliam LawrenceOffr1938-196225 Oct 2003Waimairi Cemetery ChristchurchYes
M594354WO1Dillon MBE MMPatt (The Sheriff)ITpt1953-198016 Jul 2022Schnapper Rock Cemetery AucklandYes
Y303875MajDixonArchibald Robert (Archie)Offr1956-198525 Sep 2018Maunu Cemetery WhangareiYes
30512Maj?DixonColin MaxwellOffr1960s-1980s-Birkenhead?No
Y39973-DixonHenare Robert-1986-199317 Jan 2003Ngongataha Bay of Plenty (?)Yes
929037SSgtDonoghueWilliam Joseph-1959-198429 Feb 2004Kelvin Grove Palmerston NorthYes
36277WO2DownesRoyston Ernest (Roy)--6 Oct 1983PapakuraYes
3648CplDromgoolSylvester Noel-1939-194516 Aug 2008Otahuhu Auckland (?)Yes
36278CaptDurrantEric Ernest Ludwick-1955-197723 Jan 2013Howick AucklandYes
3268897MajorEagleTrevor JohnOffr1951-19639 Dec 2000Purewa Cemetery AucklandYes
-SgtElkingtonCharles Puni (Charlie)Stmn-18 Feb 2011Porirua?No
897042WO1EllisNeville Frank-1952-19784 Jan 2015St John's Rd Harewood ChristchurchYes
X37143SSgtFergusonAlan Robert-1956-19799 Jun 2015Taruheru Cemetery GisborneYes
271728DvrFergussonGeorge Frederick-1941-194625 Jan 2023Palmerston North (?)Yes
D593909WO1FerryPeterITpt1953-197424 Jul 1995North Shore Memorial Park AucklandYes
39176DvrForrestDonald JamesCook-16 Apr 1962-No
535366PteFowellRonald TerrenceSuplrASC-20 Jul 1955-No
E688923WO1FranceJames Kenneth-1952-197729 Mar 2020Wellington (?)Yes
L32302MajFraser MBEWalter (Wally)Offr1946-198317 Jul 2012WellingtonYes
42200LCplFreemanLeslie Lyal-1941-194521 Nov 2010Christchurch (?)Yes
31645WO1Gargett MSMDouglas WarrenITpt1948-198224 Jun 2008Ellesmere Cemetery CanterburyYes
K342571WO2GibbonsRichard (Dick)ITpt1963-1985-Ahipara UrupaYes
46757DvrGordonJoseph Leonard-1941-194522 Feb 2004-No
K49892CaptGrant (nee Gourdie)Kathryn Anne (Kathy)Offr1982-199312 Sep 2009Wakapuaka Cemetery NelsonYes
X49333-GravesBevan Thomas--25 Feb 2021--
3520CaptGraydonCharles Allen George-1939-194512 Dec 2006Hamilton Park Cemetery HamiltonYes
S49696SgtGreenPae O Te Pakanga (Sooty)DvrCT1978-1989--No
--Greenind ?George-----
4092SgtGreigJames Strachan-1924-194529 Feb 1996-No
-WO1GriffithsWilliam (Bill)ICat1950's---
--Growcroft (?)TomCat----
--Gundesen (nee Copeland)SueCook-11 Sep 2016-Yes
N46495-GuthrieMark Francis (Gus)ITpt1973-199314 Jun 2016Upper HuttNo
34473WO1Haami MSMRangi S.--9 Sep 2017-Yes
F626042WO1HaitanaHarold Te Tawhero (Harry/Father)ITpt1961-19848 Mar 2022Raetihi CemeteryYes
34861CplHallWilliam Desmond-1953-19582 Feb 2018Te Houhanga Urupa DargavilleNo
34195BrigHamiltonAlfred Connel (Alf)Offr-10 Oct 1997Schnapper Rock Cemetery AklYes
81955CplHansenBernard Robert-1941-19459 Dec 1998Ruru Lawn Cemetery ChristchurchNo
V45950WO1HardingLeslie Luke (Les)Stmn1970s-1980s27 Oct 2023Turanga Rahui Cemetery Ruatoria YesNo
X31347ColHarding OBERonald RochfortOffr1949-1970's6 May 2013Avenue Cemetery LevinYes
64450SgtHardyDouglas Colin-1942-194522 Jun 2017Awanui Cemetery New PlymouthYes
508030WO2HarrisRoy William-1951-19817 Jan 2020Palmerston NorthYes
-LCplHarrisGerald VictorDvrASC-13 Feb 1954-No
--HartleyLeighaDvrCT-23 Nov 2020-Yes
K39983WO1HarveyGraeme Robert (Saigon)QM-19 Sep 1999Mangamuka CemeteryYes
T755498DvrHarwoodLance Patrick-1975-197919 Aug 2001-No
528263LtHarwood QSMLeonard Patrick-1956-195815 Oct 2005-No
582344SgtHauwaiRakai-Paka (Pat)DvrCT1970-198524 Sep 2008Manukau Memorial Gardens AucklandYes
L36212WO2HavellCharles William-1954-19813 Apr 2021Avenue Cemetery LevinYes
Y44182-HaweMetcalf Wharerahi Wallace (Whare)Dvr CT-26 Apr 2023Te Mu Urupa Tarawera RotoruaYes
-Maj?HawkinsJack ArthurOffr-14 Jun 1983Perth AustraliaYes
B42252MajHaworthRodger BarringtonOffr1962-199625 Aug 2022WellingtonYes
37134CplHaywardRonald Sidney (Boots)-1957-19678 Dec 2014Schnapper Rock Cemetery AucklandYes
31200Capt QMHeaps MBERichard WilsonOffr1937-1968---
40788SSgtHeatherMeau Nicholas (Mac)-1961-1980s?1 Feb 2003Papatoetoe Cemetery AucklandYes
623765-HedgesGraham W (Jock)--12 Mar 2023--
570504-HeiseJohn Stanley-1960s ?21 Oct 1991Wharerangi Cemetery NapierYes
N47162WO1HeskethBoyd John Charles (Ralph)ICat1975-199615 May 2000Awatapu Cemetery ParaparaumuYes
833490SgtHiddlestonVernon Murray-1960-197930 Dec 2012Ruru Lawn Cemetery ChristchurchYes
--HinksNoel--19 Jan 2023-Yes
630220SSgtHodgsonThomas George-1940-194629 Jul 2009Hamilton Park Cemetery HamiltonYes
V49814MajHollowayJohn Edwin-1979-198424 Feb 2008Tairua & Servicemen's CemeteryYes
D43312CplHouiaRerenga Kite Pakanga (Rere/Lou)--12 May 2023Tangoio Marae Urupa NapierYes
570051SgtHouiaWiremu Pani (William/Bill)-1964-19799 Jul 2019Alexandra CemeteryYes
39528SSgtHoukamauPaul Pona-1961-1975-Eastern Cemetery InvercargillYes
29339-HowardKenneth Vincent--15 Apr 2000-No
31480SgtHoweThomas Albert--24 Oct 1958-No
689568DvrHudsonEric-1952-196230 Aug 2004OtakiYes
P56176-HughesPeter (Turbo)MovOp1998-2002--No
444652CaptHuntJohn Edward-1954-196115 Sep 2016Maunu Cemetery WhangareiYes
W196003SSgtHurihanganuiPhillip Martin (Phil/H)DvrCT1984-199530 Dec 2015ReporoaYes
M51255CplHurunuiThomas Peter (Tom)DvrCT1980-199010 Aug 2019ShannonYes
--JackmanAudrey Flora--27 Mar 2011Hobsonville?No
G47731-JamesRobert (Bob)Cook1978-1981--No
P39159SSgtJobeJohn NortonIMov1960-197827 Jun 1978--
D50028-JoeErnest Arthur (EJ/Eddy)DvrCT1978-9121 Jun 2019Hiruharama Urupa WairoaYes
Q1008426PteJohnstonDean Russell (Johnno)DvrALR-28 Jul 2002Harewood Cemetery ChristchurchYes
48154MajJohnstonRobert Edward-1952-196017 Aug 2003-No
239855CplKasperHerbert Charles-1940-19462 Aug 2007Kelvin Grove Palmerston NorthYes
C998018-KeeganWayne NeilDvr---No
42522CplKeenJohn Alexander-1941/19431 Oct 2012-No
R328018WO2KeinzeyPhelim ThaddeusButcherASC-8 Jan 1978-No
T42670SSgtKellyWayne BennettDvrCT-8 Mar 2019-No
34427SgtKennyMaurice AlexanderStwdASC-30 Apr 1955-No
C407240-KerrGary WilliamDvrASC1975-1978--No
--KingCorey William--18 May 2020-No
38716DvrKingPeter FitzgeraldCook-27 Jun 1967-No
D181680CplKinitaBrian Dax Tunohopu (Kunta)DvrCT1990-200113 Nov 2018Maungarangi Urupa MoerewaYes
W991964DvrKinzettBrett MartinCook-5 Jan 1995-No
38784SSgtKomeneTau Te Hira (Harry)-1959-197314 Jun 2021Kelvin Grove Palmerston NorthYes
C55689SSgtKuruDean (Waka)--6 Sep 2018--
246157DvrLarsenKenneth George-1941-1942--No
32553DvrLeachErnest Wise--5 Dec 1949-No
537458CaptLeef MBEFrederick Sydney (Syd)--3 Mar 2014Taumatateretere Urupa ManaiaYes
-Lt ColLewis(Fiz)--11 Jun 1905Upper Hutt?No
P204437CplLewisPercival StanleyStmnASC-21 Sep 1972-No
R33871WO1Lewis MSMGeorge Francis William (Pancho)--9 May 2015Waitara?No
R36033WO1LicenceStephen (Steve)ITpt-21 Jul 2000-No
D44853DvrLintonWallace FrederickDvrASC-15 Oct 1977-No
609181MajLittlejohnArthur Warrington Sinclair-1929-195124 Aug 1999WaitakereYes
A43907SgtLyonsDavid BruceCook-5 Jun 1977-No
433162DvrMacDonellGlengarry(Garry)-1941-194618 Nov 2010Kelvin Grove Palmerston NorthYes
44061WO1MacLennanWilliam Ian-1969-198927 Jul 2002-No
30093Lt ColMabbett MBEJohn MillsOffr-15 Feb 1980Wellington ?No
D48119SSgtMahuHoward JohnDvrCT-17 Feb 2001Hamilton Park Cemetery HamiltonYes
B752998SgtMakariniTonyDvrCT1983-200311 Nov 2010Roimata Urupa OpitikiYes
552791WO2MakeaTui Joseph (Joe)ITpt-24 Jul 2009-No
--Manakonga (?)Bill-----
43507DvrMantellJames Lionel-1940-19453 Nov 2001George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery AkYes
--MaranuiNamuDvrCT-16 Aug 2023RotoruaNo
36259WO1MarchantKenneth George-1955-198012 Jan 2003Kelvin Grove Palmerston NorthYes
43508L/SgtMastersDennis William-1941-19464 Apr 2004Waikaraka Cemetery AucklandYes
51224-MatehaereSonny Joseph NekewhenuaDvrCT1980-19911 Nov 2004WaikopuaYes
970552DvrMaxwellGordon Anderson-CMT27 Jul 2010Eastern Cemetery InvercargillYes
927832WO2MayesAlan Cecil Douglas (Muka)-1966-198418 Jun 2016Christchurch (?)Yes
--McAndrewRaymond (Poto)--17 Apr 2023GisborneYes
497758Lt ColMcComb MBE EDWilliam Aitchison DriscollOffr-11 Apr 1975Waikumete Cemetery AucklandYes
-MajMcCollAlister Ian? (Mac)MovOp/Offr-22 Oct 2016--
N53717DvrMcCuskerKellyCook-7 Oct 1990-No
38081CplMcIntyreHugh Alexander Whyte-1959-196421 Mar 1998-No
38085WO2McIntyreJames (Jim)ICat1960s-1970s11 Mar 2015Little River Cemetery Christchurch-
Q992510-McLeanPeter Richard-1991-1996--No
803641CplMcLeanEdward JohnCook-11 Jun 1966-No
Q940185LCplMcMillanRaymond Douglas--19 May 2014?--
31218Maj QMMcPherson QSMNorman Caithness-1947-197624 Mar 2015Christchurch?Yes
3686LCplMeadFrank Dunbar-1939-194529 Dec 1996Hamilton Park Cemetery HamiltonYes
802201CaptMeatesJames Lawrence-1954-19618 Apr 2002Mangere Lawn Cemetery AucklandYes
-CaptMenziesWilliam Henry (Bill)Offr1967-1970's10 Sep 1989?KaitaiaNo
L54750CaptMihaereRaymond Ngatoroirangi-1986-200619 Sep 2021Iwitea Marae WairoaYes
H991698DvrMihaereMaurice ArungaDvrCT-25 Sep 1995-No
30433ColMilesKevin Gerard-1937-197624 Jun 2008Karori WellingtonYes
M53049LCplMillwardAlan WilliamMovOp-6 Dec 1992-No
41061-MilneWarren Evan-1961-197527 Feb 2001-No
40389SgtMooreTom Taumata Francis-1963-19839 Mar 2017Kaiapoi Public CemeteryYes
63152SgtMurdochOwen Malcom-1941-194531 Aug 1997-No
N677155WO1MurphyColin (Spud Snr)--6 Apr 2019-Yes
Y53796LCplMurrayRoss Duncan (Muzza)--19 Jul 2021-Yes
--NathanFrederick Thomas (Fred)--17 Jul 2012Killed after driving into Bulls RSA-
T753681DvrNgatiJacob MauriceDvrCT-9 Mar 1988-No
39712WO2NichollsNgati Wehi Wehi Joseph (Joe)-1961-198423 Sep 2019Takapuwahia Urupa WellingtonYes
Q404032-NihaAndrew Te Hira (Andy)ITpt1971-199126 Dec 2017Rangiora Urupa ParotiYes
W49378WO2NobleJohn Jacko (Jack)IMov1978-201413 Nov 2022Otaua Urupa WaiukuYes
34178DvrNukuJohn William-1950-1953--No
E40231SSgtO'BrienJohn Patrick (OB)DvrCT1963-19831 Mar 2023Hautapu Cemetery Cambridge 
208304WO1O'Brien BEMRonald FergusonISup1951-197429 Aug 2011ChristchurchNo
36875DvrO'ConnorWilliam JamesClkASC-22 Feb 1958--
-SSgtOneroaJoseph (Joe)ITpt-24 Apr 2016?Christchurch?No
608983MajOrangeDouglas RonaldOffr1934-19633 May 2001ChristchurchYes
D40690BrigOttaway MBERichard RodneyOffr1969-199630 Dec 2018Whenua Tapu Cemetery PoriruaYes
-SSgt (?)PaengaNorman Keith (Blue)--29 Dec 2022Pouawa Urupa Whangara GisborneNo
D53869LCplPageRoger StevenStmnCT1985-198820 Jul 1988WaiouruYes
L45550DvrPakiWilliam DouglasDvrASC-16 Sep 1976-No
305301LCplPanuiTe Roopu--4 May 1970-No
Y42848SSgtPapuniApiha WhakahaweaITpt1967-198725 Dec 2019Kelvin Grove Palmerston NorthYes
Q48153SSgtParanihiPeter WiniataITpt1976-199825 Aug 2007Maunu Cemetery WhangareiYes
S408979CplParkerRobert Desmond (Bob)-1972-19925 Dec 2012-No
216541CaptParsons MSMEdward (Ted)Offr1950's29 Apr 1993Waikumete Cemetery AucklandYes
F46258SSgtPatuwaiSonny OwenITpt1973-199320 Dec 2008-No
Q735830-PeneSpencer John (Spence)DvrCT1970-199030 Aug 2003Whenua Tapu Cemetery PoriruaYes
826183DvrPetersLouis George--2 Dec 1961-No
N35455WO1PetersonPeter WilliamIMov-5 Dec 2021ChristchurchYes
--Phihangi (?)Duke-----
V763619CplPineRobert Pikiao (Rob)DvrALR1987-2007--No
Y44941-PomareEdward Peka (Ted)MovOp1971-1981--No
41623WO2PomarePhillip Edgar (Phil)-1965-19866 Sep 2002Wairoa Hawkes BayYes
B746006-PopataLloyd Nau (Les)DvrASC1977-1979--No
E746216WO1Priestley MNZMMark ScottStmnAA-25 Aug 2014-No
S47833LCplProsserKevin SamuelButcherCT-1 Apr 1980-No
206202LtQuartermanBarry Milner--19 Aug 2018Waitara Cemetery TaranakiYes
-DvrQuestedMaurice AlexanderDvrASC-27 Jan 1953-No
M990736DvrRaeaMetuaCook1990-19926 Aug 1992Paraparaumu Beach CemeteryYes
B47082CplRaiGeorge ThomasDvrCT1974-199111 Jul 1991Kaihu Cemetery DargavilleYes
L1000464DvrRangirangiCorey RuteneDvrCT-22 Oct 1996-No
474815CaptReedBruce Kenneth-1968-29 Jan 2015Orewa or ChristchurchYes
43601CplReichardtNorman Frederick-1939-194522 Jun 2004Rotorua CemeteryYes
31358ColRileyWalter Percival-1951-197116 Feb 2021Guildford Cemetery Perth ASYes
3712SgtRoaSidney-1939-19437 Oct 2002-No
22465SSgtRoaWilliam Edward Miller-1939-194517 May 2002Te Awamutu?Yes
317900DvrRogersRaymond RobertDvrASC-17 Jan 1950-No
-DvrRoweWayne JohnDvrASC1969-19733 Jul 2003Ashes scatteredYes
46669CplRuawhareSydney Herene (Rufus)-1974-19944 Mar 2003-No
H49664WO1SavageMaurice Vernon KaiwhareClkAA1978-200021 Nov 2021Pyes Pa TaurangaNo
30577DvrSayersRichard Leonard (Len)DvrASC-14 Oct 1989Whenua Tapu Cemetery PoriruaYes
B86320Flt SgtScottDenis EdwardITpt-18 Mar 1988-No
Y44044SgtScottPeter MauriceCook-14 Jun 1978-No
5/209Lt ColSharp OBEJohn HenryOffr-13 Sep 1958ShannonNo
K407592SSgtSheehanPeter Joseph James (Zac)Stmn1972-19873 May 1987Kelvin Grove Palmerston NorthNo
P1003549PteShelfordKaraitiana John (KT)DvrALR-13 Oct 1998WaiouruNo
Y53198Cpl/Maj NZCFSivernWayne RussellMovOp1985-19972 Jun 2023Cremated HamiltonYes
30248Lt ColSmithDesmond Stuart-1946-197417 Dec 1998Whenua Tapu Cemetery PoriruaYes
41925SgtSmithPeter Norman Swaffield-1941-194522 Sep 2000-No
33444LCplSmithRonald StephenCook-7 Jan 1965-No
D45129LCplSmithRoy KennethCook-26 Mar 1976-No
X55060-StackKeiren JosephChef1987-199724 Apr 2011Avonhead Memorial Cemetery ChchNo
37195DvrStapletonFrancis JosephSteward-17 Oct 1956-No
22419CplStephensJames Alexander--10 May 1962-No
A789636SgtStephensDennis PaulSteward-14 Jun 1978-No
D47498SSgtStevensRenata Leonard (Possum)ITpt-16 Apr 2014Waiouru CemeteryYes
G49180LCplStewartRobert Horace BennettDvrCT-24 Dec 1990-No
43086CplStothersDavid Alexander-1958-197214 Jul 2021Christchurch?No
-CaptStreetHeatherDvrCT/Offr-25 Apr 2021Wellington?Yes
208249DvrStubbsHector-1939-19956 Sep 2003-No
W43421MajStubbsStuart Gavin-1968-199816 Sep 2021Kelvin Grove Palmerston NorthYes
208249Lt ColSumnerPeter Russell-1951-19795 Jan 2014-No
V45007-TakoRenata MangatekapuaMovOp1972-198516 Jan 2009St Savior Cemetery KaitaiaYes
-CivTamehanaDale--30 May 2002-No
W36360MajTannerRaymond Charles (Bob)--21 Mar 2017Palmerston NorthYes
--TapiataPatrick (Tap Tap)--3 Jun 2016?Rotorua?No
481380WO2TaylorWalter-1957-197916 May 2005-No
G49226DvrTaylorStephen JohnDvrCT-6 Mar 1981-No
X39397-Te PaaTamaho (Tip)Dvr CT-2 Dec 2019-No
N367115WO1TerewiParaire Paikea (Pike)ITpt1963-198813 Oct 2020Aramoho WhanganuiYes
M38835SSgtThompsonRonald CedricITpt-24 Jun 1972-No
L213818Lt ColThomsonRoger Winston-1962-19886 Sep 2009Green Park Cemetery DunedinYes
J745553MajTod JPGraeme Lincoln (Tody)Offr-2 Oct 2020-No
J744081WO1ToekeFrank Winiata (Frankie)ITpt1973-20059 Feb 2022Wahamiti Cemetery MoerewaYes
S312149SgtToiaMorgan JamesDvrCT1970-199121 Apr 2023Tauwhara Urupa Waimate NorthYes
30826MajToogood MBESelwyn Featherston-1941-195027 Feb 2001Karori Cemetery WellingtonYes
K630485WO2TrotterLawrence Wharawera (Laurie)ITpt-24 Nov 2015WellingtonYes
W42409CplTuaeuPatiaClkASC-4 Jan 1975-No
--TufeleJohn Bosco--26 Nov 2019Wellington?Yes
382416-VaughanColin Patrick--1 Jul 2009-No
M580186CaptWaaka MBEGraham Robert-1959-11942 Apr 2018Arowhenua Marae Temuka?Yes
A995831-WaititiWalter James----No
--WakefieldLes--9.15.2019Pehiaweri UrupaNo
F536779WO2WaldronRonald David (Harry)-1962-19802 Nov 2014Kelvin Grove Palmerston NorthNo
Y753157CplWalkerWiremu Reginald (Willie)-1984-19946 Jun 2011Te KahaNo
39832MajWalkerRobert Neville (Prof)-1964-198327 Feb 2017Andersons Bay Cemetery DunedinYes
-DvrWalshMaurice PeterChef1974-3 Feb 2023GoreYes
281580ColWalton CMG OBE QPM EDRobert Josiah Simpson (Bob)-1941-198616 Jul 2008Wellington?No
E993811DvrWarrenSamuel Nicholas (Sam)DvrCT1994-199517 May 1995Ruru Lawn Cemetery ChChNo
S47350SgtWaruFoli PaekuraDvrCT1975-19937 Dec 1993Tolaga Bay CemeteryYes
33122WO1Wealleans MSMLester Thomas-1950-19821 Jan 2000Taita Lawn Cemetery Lower HuttYes
E48304CplWebbGerald Richard AllanSteward-4 Feb 2016-Yes
--WebsterIris Dawn--2 Sep 2023?Hamilton Park Cemetery HamiltonNo
41949DvrWestonAshley Victor-1941-19455 Oct 2003Awatapu Cemetery ParaparaumuNo
--Wharehihi (?)Makamaka (Tony)----No
U40291SSgtWheelerPeter John (Al)DvrCT1964-198321 Aug 2022Whanganui?Yes
515511CplWhittleMark Angus--22 Dec 1966-No
34378WO2WileyRobert Alvin Ernest (Bob)-1950-197116 Nov 2016AustraliaNo
A210450-WilliamsWarren JamesMovOp1973-19872002-No
44461CplWilliamsTrevor Bruce-1969-198315 Aug 2020-No
K694195WO1Williams QSMWiremu Rauna (Wheels/Bill)ITpt-13 May 2020Korokata Urupa OkaihauYes
204287WO2WilsonJohn-1958-197422 Nov 2016-No
Y48138DvrWilsonGarry JohnathanDvrCT-16 Jan 1980-No
-SSgtWirihanaAlbieDvrCT-18 May 2016Upper Hutt?-
38198WO2WrightJohn William (Jack)ICat1971-197928 Aug 2016-No
17080DvrWrightJames Ernest Henry (Jim)-1941-194521 Jul 2013Ashburton Public CemeteryYes
459653MajYatesRobert Francis (Bob)Offr1947-19698 Jun 2002-No